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Eli Dagostino is a true artist. Creative, sensitive and intuitive, his work celebrates individuality and at the same time speaks to our common humanity — the joys of work, family, love and longevity.
— Geraldine Brooks, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author
Working with Eli has opened my eyes and my heart. I have learned to trust his eye allowing a new and dormant me to emerge through his work. He pushes the boundaries of what a portrait should be.
— Monina von Opel, Producer
From the first moments of contact with Eli, I knew I was in extremely capable hands. He is exceptionally efficient and effective, professional and fun! He is brilliant and energetic, and his work is deeply soulful. You will be in good hands with Eli Dagostino!
— Kate Taylor, Singer Songwriter


I asked myself, “what is Silhouette? A marketing tool? I have nothing to market,” or so I thought. Silhouette has a way of showing who you are as a whole person, in what is quite literally a “world wide web” of people.

Silhouette was a whirlwind experience which provided me with an extension of me that isn’t apart from me; Eli creates a depiction of his subjects from a “third eye” perspective allowing them to “see” themselves from the outside — something that I’ve found to be extremely valuable.

Eli has a gift for capturing people in their natural element; It’s quite something to actually see and hear, visually and audibly, your own story with such aesthetic flair.
— Francesca Maximé, TV Personality, Journalist, Author-Poet, Certified Meditation Teacher
If you’re thinking about doing a Silhouette, don’t even hesitate. Do it. Eli’s love of his craft and impeccable eye and aesthetic shines through every aspect of each Silhouette he curates — yours will be no different.

There’s something so powerful about seeing, hearing and experiencing someone in their own voice. I can’t think of another platform that brings this kind of dimensionality to people’s lives and their stories.

My day-to-day had become a bit of a sludge, and I didn’t realize how much I needed the opportunity to pull back and gain some proper perspective. I felt a renewed sense of confidence about my place in the world after my Silhouette.

SIDE NOTE!! I guarantee that my Silhouette will help me snag my future husband… ;)
— Justin Donham, Yoga Teacher, Actor and Voiceover Artist
It is so easy to look at your life from a place of scarcity and unworthiness. Sharing my story in the form of a Silhouette gave me the perspective I needed to recharge and come back to myself.

Silhouette allows you to gain perspective on your life and your journey; it’s a way to commemorate where you are at this precise time in your life while at the same time shining a light to reveal where you are going. My Silhouette was entirely instrumental in re-lighting a match in my creative and entrepreneurial fire.

Eli truly honored me and my personal rituals with immense respect and integrity. He cherished them as much as I do and I was met with such love in return. I would recommend Silhouette to anyone who is struggling to remember the miracle that they are.
— Haley Jakobson, Artistic Director of Brunch Theatre, Writer
I was afraid that a Silhouette might come across as self-serving, narcissistic and put the focus too much on me. Who really cares anyway? To my surprise, the opportunity to do deep inner exploration and to articulate things out loud helped me to process and grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Eli actually cares and is curious about what people do and why they do it. His masterful storytelling is a gift not only to his subjects but also to the people who love and care about them.

The Silhouette experience far surpassed my expectations and I highly recommend it. Bravo, Eli!
— Father Edward L. Beck, CNN's Faith and Religion Commentator
The multi-media aspect of Eli’s storytelling give a fuller sense of his subjects. People feel like they know me after listening to me speak, reading my words and getting a window into my world.

I felt a great sense of peace after working with Eli on my Silhouette. He will make you feel comfortable, and will present you in your best light, both literally and figuratively. He is easy to work with, a consummate professional and a phenomenal storyteller.

Doing a Silhouette just before my 60th birthday made that transition in my life all the more special. The self-inquiry experience provided me with my very own personal time capsule.
— Valerie Sonnenthal, Photo Editor and Sound Healer
I was initially worried that people might judge my story, but my hope to touch other people who’ve experienced some of the same things I have combined with Eli’s warmth and unwavering support throughout the process made those worries wash away.

Thanks to Eli, more than ever before, I feel more fulfilled, doubtless and ready to continue to dream and thrive no matter what obstacles came my way. I appreciate myself and my journey, and I know that regardless of my self-doubts that I am truly living my dream.

The entire Silhouette experience was incredibly impactful and came at just the right time for me. I’d recommend working with Eli to anyone feeling stuck or ready to “hit the reset button” like I was.
— Karen Niceley, Buddhist, Dancer, Choreographer and Non-Profit Founder


Holly’s story really inspired me to be bolder in challenging myself in my upcoming career and healthy lifestyle pursuits💃🏾
— Karen Thompson, in response to Holly Getty's Story
LOVE THIS, J-Do! And love how you can still peel back insightful layers to someone you’ve known for more than a decade!
— Nate Bailey-Millado, in response to Justin Donham's Story
This expose on Debbie just warms my heart! As someone who knows her, I can tell you she is all these things and more. To have the focus turned on this beautiful woman is such a gift. Thank you, Eli! Love you, Debbie 💗
— Karen Dodd, in response to Debbie Phillips' Story
This brought tears to my eyes. So inspiring. I am closer and closer to being a Woman on Fire and looking forward to where that journey will take me. Thank you Eli - and thank you Debbie.
— Sheryl Dagostino, in response to Debbie Phillips' Story
I’ve known Edward Beck for 36 years, yet I learned a lot about him that I hadn’t known before from this interview. Well done!
— Bob Vorbroker, in response to Edward L. Beck's Story
Holly Getty. Okay, so I admit, I had this image in my mind of this New Yorker, VP for Calvin Klein. Whoa, rewind those visions. So real. Common fears of challenges that so many of us experience. Really struck me when you spoke of loneliness. Despite all the gifts you have embraced, you are still missing that partner in which to share it all. I have no doubt you will find that someone, and when you do, they shall be the lucky one to have such a light as you. From one Frenchie lover to another....thank you for your honesty and the courage to share it.
— Bev Booher, in response to Holly Getty's Story
I have loved and admired Edward from the moment I opened his first book, Falling Upward. I so appreciate his candor and his willingness to share himself and he has given me the courage to do the same. There is nothing more healing than sharing our story with someone who will walk beside us without judgement or the need to “make it better”. Thank you for your interview Eli, and thank you Fr. Edward for being you and for sharing yourself with me.
— Denise Lopez, in response to Edward L. Beck's Story
Beautiful! Eli your photographs and questions capture the brilliance of an amazing women.
— Doris Towery, in response to Holly Getty's Story
Eli- well, wow. You have such a remarkable way of capturing the essence of a person. The photographs, interview, the Silhouette. Stunning!
Holly- I just spent a full year with you and I think I still learned something through Eli‘s work! The bubble bath pictures are to die for. I know you are beautiful-but could you look any more beautiful than in these photos? Stunning. And your heart to heart discussion, your thoughts on life and love and styling, just incredible. Love you Holly G! Eli- masterful!
— Laura Ludwig Tiberi, in response to Holly Getty's Story
Haley Jakobson. Such volumes in such a youthful soul. I praise your courage to jump from the edge and let the wind take you just where you’re suppose to be. Your love for your grandmother really resonated with me. She sounds like an incredible woman.
I was alone with my grandma on the eve of her passing. It was truly one of the most cherished nights I have ever experienced. I sat in the dimly lit room singing her favorite songs to her as I gently stroked her silver white hair. She never opened her eyes and could not turn up the sides of her dry lips to give me her beautiful smile, but I know she was listening. I know she heard me as I sang, “My Wild Irish Rose”. A song she had sung to me so many times. Her heart was smiling...I felt it. She left this earth the next day.
I will never forget that poignant night. She had a profound affect on me in so many ways. Thank you for giving me that reflection.
— Bev Booher, in response to Haley Jakobson's Story
Eli— I met Holly 10 years ago and she’s my true sister friend, but I learned so much more about her. Thanks for giving her space to be great! Love, love, love ERYTHING about this. That is not a misspelling and most definitely for emphasis! Beautiful, beautiful storytelling Eli! Gorgeous all around Holly Getty! This was truly teamwork that made the dream work so we all could experience pure amazingness. The bubble bath photos are epic and need to be on a wall like right now. This was a whonderful early morning treat. 🍩 First thing I did was watch, listen and read this feature when I opened eyes. Just the fuel I needed to put the final touches on our Christmas at Chateau Whonder-Saylee! Can’t wait to see what incredible things you both will do in 2018. Watch out world...
— Carmencita Whonder, in response to Holly Getty's Story
So fulfilling to see this deeply thoughtful and caring man, Rob Berkley, share his creative outlets and life philosophies with us. Having had the privilege of seeing Rob in his home, I can tell you he truly walks his talk. Thank you for capturing Rob’s essence, Eli!
— Karen Dodd, in response to Rob Berkley's Story
An artist’s portrait of an artist. A beautiful, powerful work presented in spa-like serenity. The true essence and depth of Rob’s beingness is captured eloquently. Valuable lessons throughout the interview. I took pages of notes and will listen again and again.
— Stacey R Schatz, in response to Rob Berkley's Story
What a glorious way to begin a sunny December day in Ohio. I just spent 30 minutes listening to a snippet of the life of Justin Donham. I want to meet him. I want to curl up on one side of a couch in the folds of a blanket and spend hours listening to him tell more stories. Thank you, Justin, for your candor and spirit. Thank you, Eli, for creating this incredible platform.
— Bev Booher, in response to Justin Donham's Story