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Story-Tell to Sell: Promote, Engage and Persuade Without Feeling Salesy



At Eli Dagostino’s “Story-Tell to Sell: Promote, Engage and Persuade Without Feeling Salesy” talk, creative entrepreneurs are reminded that their unique stories (including the vulnerable, mundane and triumphant) are worthy of recognition, and will leave confident in their stories’ power to convert sales.

Eli dives deep and explains the many ways to thread engaging and persuasive storytelling into a business; from creative bootstrap marketing approaches to up-leveled e-mail signatures and outgoing voicemail messages, attendees leave equipped with the tools to reach through their computer screens, into the hearts and minds of the people who need them most and leave them drooling for more.


While giving audience members a peek into his story, Eli helps attendees curate their own stories through one-on-one interactive participation. Audience members are guided through the exploration of their own stories and together learn how to bottle up their individual presence, energy, essence, appearance, beliefs, and experiences into cohesive, engaging and persuasive narratives that sell.

With Eli’s redefined simplified definition of marketing and a clear set of storytelling next steps, business owners leave free of overwhelm and well on their way to business bliss.


Eli Dagostino is the founder and creative director of Silhouette Stories. His journey has taken him from the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard to the streets of New York City, and his zest for life has been celebrated on the stages of SNL, on the pages of Vanity Fair and in the seats of Carnegie Hall. From child actor, to award-winning photographer to now internationally recognized multi-media visual storyteller, his passion for making a positive impact on people’s lives through the power of beautiful creative storytelling is unwavering.



Eli Dagostino was a warm presence at the 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards exhibition at the MET Museum in New York City. As an alumni of our Scholastic Awards, Eli was encouraging to the room full of young creatives and welcomed and hosted with much enthusiasm. In his presentation, Eli energetically, confidently and passionately demonstrated through his experiences how heart-filling world-changing creative endeavors are worth pursuing. We are proud to have Eli as one of our ambassadors!
— The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
What an amazing speaker and event! Eli was inspirational, educational, emotional, engaging and fun! Not only was Eli’s presentation amazing, he is truly an exciting and inspirational person to be around.
— The National Association of Women Business Owners, Salt Lake City
Eli is phenomenal! His authenticity embraces the room as he weaves his message through the hearts and minds of his audience. He leaves crowds inspired, hopeful and with a renewed outlook.
— Creative Mornings Las Vegas
From the moment Eli walked through our doors we knew he was someone special. From his energetic personality to his winning smile, to his eagerness to connect with each of our attendees, he was truly a speaker to remember. During his presentation he was engaging and informative, sharing personal stories as well as the stories of his clients, directly relating his message of how to ‘Story-Tell to Sell’ to each member of the audience. His openness encouraged rapport, achieving a healthy dialogue between audience and speaker that—as a host of many events for both LAX Coworking and the LAX Coastal Chamber—I have rarely seen before. By the time he was done, all of us were inspired. We cannot wait to share our own stories!
— LAX Coastal Chamber and CoWorking Space

Photos by Sy Bean, Kait Ebinger and Casey Jade